Potty Training Your Toddler In 3 Days Or Less

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Potty training is an essential part of toddler care. Usually by the time girls are 2.5 years and boys around 3 years they can be potty trained. Essentially you will be teaching them how not to do peeing or pooping in their diapers. A lot of people think it is quite difficult to train young ones about toilets. But today we will show you how you can do the potty training in 3 straight days.


Before you start off we need to prepare for the big day when you start the training. You need to keep the supplies ready. Here are the things that you will require.


1. A potty training seat

You can find dime a dozen seats online or offline stores. Our recommendation is to go offline and shop. Take your toddler along. Because when you take your toddler involved from the beginning the chances of success is higher than suddenly springing the surprise one day.


In fact, go a little further and let him or her select the seat they like the most.


Two type of potty seats


  • Carry around seat: These are box type covered seats where your toddler can perform his/her potty even in the living room. Later you will need to clean the box.
  • Put on seat: These are designed to be kept on top of your existing toilet seat so that your toddler can sit on the toilet directly.


Which one to use is absolutely your wish. Our daughter used the Put on seat quite effectively. She learned in 3 days on how to sit and do potty.


2. Diaper pants or Training pull ups

If you ‘re outside India then getting the potty training pull ups will be much easier. In India, you can use the diaper pants. We used the Mammy Poko pants quite effectively. These pants actually teach the toddlers on how to remove and put on like an underwear plus they have absorbing power in case of mistakes by the toddler.


3. Disinfectant wipes

I am sure these will already be there at home but still buy some larger ones just in case there are spill overs.


4. Leave from work

Yes, you will require minimum 3 days leave from work if not 4 depending on how well the training went. The reason being your toddler needs to be taught by you and correctly.


Now that we have all the required ingredients for our training it is time to get started.


Potty Training Day 1


potty training inside blog image

In the morning of the first day let your toddler know that their potty training has started. In fact as a first step as soon as they rise up from their sleep, take off the diaper and take them to the new toilet seat to do their early morning chores. At first, they may not do at all since it is unfamiliar but 7 out of 10 times they do come around the 2nd time.


As soon as they are done in the morning let them put the diaper pants or pull ups. That way you are teaching them how to wear under wear. Even if they tear it do not be upset and give them a fresh one.


Remember an important point


One thing that you need to constantly ensure on the first day is to keep taking your toddler and make them sit on the potty training seat every 2 hours. Yes, it is a tedious task but we are on a mission remember. doing this ensures that you toddler is aware that when he/she wants to pee or poop they need to do so in the seat. If required you can even keep the seat in the living room or bedroom for the first day. Of course, that would be possible when you have box variety.


Potty training Day 2


Day 2 will also be almost similar to the first day. But with your constant routine, your baby will start to tell you when they want to pee or poop. As soon as they tell you just rush them to the seat. After cleaning them let them put the pants. In fact, most of the toddlers by day 2 itself warm up to the task of doing potty. Reason being it is something new they are doing and feels like a game.


Of course, there will be mishaps once in a while, we need to overlook them and carry on. Your baby should not feel that they did something terrible. Remember it is training day and they are allowed to make mistakes. In fact, you can start giving them prizes for successfully completing a cycle of peeing or pooping in the toilet seat. This is not to bribe them but basically prizes to motivate them. You can allow them to paint one extra page or may be played outside in the sand pit for extra 30 mins. All these small gestures go a long way in establishing the good they are doing.


Potty training Day 3


On day 3 you start to notice that your toddler starts to give you ample lead time before peeing or pooping. So now you can move the potty training seat back to the bathroom. Of course every now and then you will need to hurry the little one as soon as it is announced but then that’s part and parcel of the training.


By the end of day 3, your toddler should ideally be able to tell you that they need to go pee or poop (they might mix them up by calling just potty) and successfully finish their task in the potty training seat or the toilet extension seat.


Congrats! if your toddler has started doing the above then you have successfully completed round 1 of the training.


Whats Next?


The next round is to move them away from using the diaper completely. That will happen once they are regularly going to the loo to finish their chores. If you are in doubt then you can follow our other article on how to completely get rid of diapers even in the night.


Keep your child in familiar environments which is inside the house for as much time as possible. Do not plan any travels for at least two weeks from the time you successfully potty trained your kid. This ensures that he remembers the routine and does not potty by mistake.


Hope you were able to follow the steps we have mentioned, be sure to comment on any other tips you have for us or fellow dads and moms out here.

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