11 Ways Dads To Be Can Get Involved in Pregnancy

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Doesn’t it seem like pregnancy is so much about moms to be? That is so cliche in today’s world because here are 10 ways dads to be can get involved. The entire 9 months is as much for Dads as it is for Moms. Even though your spouse has to deal with nausea, vomiting, cramps, baby bump and all the other pregnancy related issues. Dads can also get involved in each and every step of this beautiful event of your married life. Now when I am referring to dads, moms, father etc, if your pregnancy is with your boyfriend or partners then the same things apply, so don’t go with the nomenclature.


#1 Ways Dads can be part by announcing pregnancy together

11 Ways Dads To Be Can Get Involved in Pregnancy - announcing pregnancy

Yes, of course to your own parents or in-laws you are going to break the news together. But this is more towards your friends and acquaintances, whether you are sending birthday wishes or other gifts. Make these wishes together. When you are treating your friends for some drinks, get your wife along if possible, make it a couples event. Be excited at these get-togethers, or events and if someone shouts out to you, “Your boys can really swim!!”. Don’t worry too much and take it in your stride.


#2 Ways Dads can be part is by taking childbirth class together


Ah! yes, don’t me a spoil sport and ask your wife to take those classes alone. You start joining the classes. They are fun and you don’t need to do much. Besides these classes teach a thing or two about breathing and what to expect during labor. This information come in handy when the real thing happens. You at least will know what not to say to wife who is in labor


#3 Ways Dads can be part of sitting through tests and scans


I had gone to every meeting with the doctor, right from the time we planned for a baby to the delivery room. I was there for all the scans, tests, and other prenatal appointments. This is the best and perhaps one of the more easier ways that you as a new dad can contribute. If the appointment with the doctor is in the middle of a work day, do not skip it but make it a point to go there. Well, your boss supposedly should already be aware that you are expecting to be a father, so it should be hard to take time out.


In fact, post the doctor’s appointment which generally is during the afternoon or morning, both of you can go to lunch. It will be like a date every other week.


#4 Listening to your spouse


Listening to the other person is anyways a great trait to have in general. But when you are listening to your pregnant wife you will be showing a lot more respect for her and her pregnancy. Yes, please voice your opinion but ultimately leave the decision to her for all pregnancy related stuff. Trust me you will be doing a great favor for your relation. I always told my wife to take her decisions on what to eat and when to eat. Of course, I did voice out on her to eat regularly even when she was nauseating but ultimately it was her decision.


Since we had a studio house when she conceives, there wasn’t proper ventilation, so she wanted to shift to her mothers to feel comfortable during the first trimester. I just agreed with her even though it meant staying away from her. It certainly showed her that I cared about her feelings.


#5 Best Ways Dads can show their part is by taking a babymoon


Babymoon is nothing but a relaxing, romantic holiday for 2-3 days before the baby is born. It is a concept more prevalent in the west but can be very popular in India as well. Though my wife and I did not take such a holiday we did go out for short drives every other weekend till she was allowed to sit in the car. These drives were certainly relaxing and helped us bond better. Besides if you do take a holiday please have a relaxing one as it would be the last alone time you may have for a very very long time.


#6 Work on something together, enjoy!


Taking your wife’s mind away from the pregnancy and working together on some project for the baby can be a relaxing affair. It will also bring both of you closer together. Usually, wife and husbands do not work on the same projects at home. So this is the time when both of you can really put your heads together and work closely.


My wife and I actually worked on a  very big project. The project of building our own home before the baby came along. In fact, the decision to build our own home was thought the day we realized she was pregnant. So we spent some nice time designing, planning, deciding on the colors for the new house.


#7 Just help her out


When your wife gets up early in the morning with nausea and vomits, do not stay put but go help her out. Get her water, console her, or just simply be beside her. It will show how much you care for her as well as how serious you are about this pregnancy. During the early stages, she is in as much confused as you are about the pregnancy. Everything just happened so quickly you both did not have time to think. So now is the time to show in your own small way.


Doing chores around the house, cleaning up behind her, or in some cases making meals for dinner are some of the ways you can really get involved.


#8 Ways Dads can be part is by using tech


It is not just your wife who should be keeping a track of her pregnancy but even you can do your bit. If you are the tech savvy husband then this should come easy for you. Download pregnancy apps or e-books. Give them to your wife and also use them yourself. I had heard about some instrumental music called Garbh Sanskar. So I made it a point to find an app that can help my wife listen to it when she wants. It was easy and she appreciated it a lot. Also, following the weekly schedule through an app really focuses you and takes your mind of the thought, “What is next?”


#9 Decorate your baby’s room or at least plan


This kind of ties down with our point #6, but is still worth a special mention because a baby room will be very close to your heart than any other project. Things like what crib to buy, colors, toys, clothes etc can really make you spend endless days in front of Amazon. Plan it together so each one gets to contribute.


#10 Best chance to get healthy if you are not

Pregnancy is perhaps the best period that a guy can become healthy if you are not. If you were like me, always thinking I will gym someday. Then jump in and start the good work from the time your wife starts her diets and exercises. She will be changing her diet to more healthy options, do not resist and go along with her. If you prefer more meat like me than veggies, come up with healthy recipes. There are dime-a-dozen websites that will give you tons of recipes. If there is a cigarette addiction, too much alcohol, or any other bad habit then now is the perfect time to quit them. Your wife, if she is addicted, will quit as part of her pregnancy, you my man can jump in with her. It will give support for both you.



#11 Taking pregnancy pictures

11 Ways Dads To Be Can Get Involved in Pregnancy taking photo memories

Perhaps one of the more beautiful points that could have ever covered is this one. Memories are something that you will cherish for a long time. So as a dad to surprise your wife with a photo shoot. Digg in and get a high amateur or pro level photographer so that he/she can do justice to the moment you want o capture. Take prints of these pictures and make a large collage that you can stick in your living room. This collage will serve as a nice memory that you both enjoyed. Even if your wife may be camera shy, convince her to play along. If you are the lady who is reading this, then please do agree to your husband’s requests.


Hope you liked these tips and points on the ways dads to be can be a very important part of this pregnancy. Pregnancy is a journey and like any journey, it begins with the first step, so ahead and makes that step.


If you are like me who had already passed that journey then do share in the comments about your experience, would love to hear.

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