What to Pack For Your Pregnancy Hospital Bag – A Quick Checklist

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If your delivery is being planned at a hospital then packing the pregnancy hospital bag is really essential. You should pack this bag at least three weeks before. As in the last minute when the water breaks you are not going to have the time to think. In all the chaos you may forget some essential stuff which you may need at the hospital. So here are some 10 items that are quite essential to be packed in the pregnancy hospital bag.


1. Photo ID

You will need a photo ID for sure. The hospital paperwork will require this. If dad is reading this article then ensure you pack your wife’s ID card, it can be a driver’s license, passport or even an Aadhar card. Also don’t forget the insurance card, and any other insurance or hospital related paperwork.


2. Undies and Extra-Absorbent Disposable Pads

Don’t just pack the bare minimum but extra undies for sure. You will definitely need these after delivery. It may be also helpful to pack Lidocaine spray or something similar to relieve the pain of tearing. Try and find super absorbent pads that can be helpful to soak up the extra bleeding that may happen after labor. These items and others should also be on hand when you return home.


3. Mobile, chargers and other cables

Even though mobile will be the last thing you will use during the time you are in the hospital, it is still prudent to put in an extra charger including usb cables. You never know when your mobile might come in handy after delivery.


4. iPods or music player

I am sure every one of us likes to listen to some kind of music. Be it classical, Bollywood, or English. Whatever soothes your brain and diverts your mind away from the real world for some time. When the baby sleeps ideally you too should be sleeping but it is not always easy, that’s when music can help. If not the iPod or a music player then put some songs in your mobile


5. Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are pretty essential post pregnancy because it becomes easier to feed the baby.


6. Nightgowns or Hospital dress

Nightgowns or Nighties as we call them should be comfortable cotton ones. These are easy to change and can be worn if you are not comfortable with gowns given by the hospital.


7. Warm socks

Socks are another essential item to make you feel comfortable. Hospital floors can be quite cold, these socks will come in handy. Pack more than a pair as one might get wet in the bathroom.


8. Toiletries

Pack all your toiletries such as cleansers, moisturizers, including lip balm. The hospital environment tends to be dry and the lip balm will really help. Include your toothbrush, paste and hair comb. When folks come visit to see the baby you may want to look presentable.


9. Going home outfit for you and your baby

Yes, you need to pack one dress that you can wear when coming out of the hospital. This is true for your baby as well. Since in the hospital the baby will be wrapped in hospital clothes or some baby wrap. But when you are coming out with the baby you should make it wear good clothes that are comfortable as well as keep it warm.


10. Camera

Yes, this is for your husband to click pictures of every moment he can. I had taken my DLSR camera into the labor room. Though I did not have the time to set everything up for the perfect shot, I just clicked away hoping one picture will be clear. It did work really well. Besides the camera, do pack the battery charger including memory cards. If you are a photography fan like me then you can pack a mini tripod. It helps when taking family pictures with the baby.


11. For sore backpack rubber balls

Take a long sock with around 3-4 tennis balls. You can stuff these into the sock and use them as a lower backrest. Lying down at a 45deg angle in the hospital bed can be tiresome. This natural way can also be helpful during labor by either placing them near the small of your back. Or asking your spouse to roll the sock with the balls over your back. You can also go against the wall with the sock in between and press against it like a bear.


12. Couple of pairs of socks and mittens

New born babies have cold feet and sharp nails. These little ones don’t know how to keep their hands in check so mittens help in preventing scratches. Your hospital may or may not provide such items hence, it is always best to be prepared.


13. Baby diapers

Your hospital may or not provide the first set of diapers for the baby. It is best to take one anyhow. Choose the smallest size available from either Pampers or Huggies as these two companies make very convenient diapers.


14. Rag clothes

These are small clothes from unused cotton sarees that are washed and sanitized. You can use them while feeding so that if something spills it falls on the cloth and not your clothes.


15. Feeding pillow

This little cushion can be really helpful especially for fiurst time mothers. You can rest your arm that is holding the baby on these pillows while feeding. The pillows are firm and often come with a tie belt. Since the baby can sometimes take a little longer than anticipated your arms can pain.


There you go all your essential items that need to be in the pregnancy hospital bag ready to be taken at a moments notice. Do you have anything else that we might have forgotten? Do write in the comments.


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