12 Ways A Man Can Have Better Baby-Making Sperm

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Sperm is the male reproductive cell that aids in fertilizing the egg of a woman and produce a baby. Having better baby-making sperm increases the chances of reproducing. So whether you are a woman or man reading this article we will talk about 12 natural ways you can have better baby-making sperm.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 1

Get rid of the junk food

baby-making sperm junk food

If you are having fried foods, junk foods such as burgers, dosa, pizza or you are someone who has to frequently eat outside food. Then you need to find a way to cut down on the same. The reason being the trans fat on these foods that cause inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. This leads to a reduction in sperm count.


So opt for food from home as well as healthy food that is not deep fried. Basically, we are trying to reduce trans fat intake. So instead of snacking on a masala dosa, try to have Rava idli or plain idle without the vada. Instead of a burger from McD or KFC, try to get the patty made at home via baking and make the burger. All this is not required but if you want to reproduce then the choice is yours.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 2

Get your weight in check


Whether you are overweight or underweight, it is not good for libido or sex drive. Being overweight especially affects the man’s sex life in a negative manner. Yes, you may be able to perform optimally but then the quality of sperm will not be great. Check the table below to find your ideal weight based on your height. Of course being exact is not possible but 5% variance on either side is acceptable. Once you are in control of your weight you will notice a marked difference in your health both physically and mentally. This will aid in quality sperm production.


Check out this table below to find out where you stand currently.

baby-making sperm ideal weight for men based in height

Better Baby-making Sperm # 3

baby-making sperm folic acid foodEat more folic acid


Yes, folic acid is not only essential for a pregnant woman but it is also required for the man. Folic acid helps in correcting any abnormality with the chromosomes thus increasing your chances of conceiving a baby. Because when sperms with any abnormality in chromosomes fertilize an egg it may lead to miscarriage or birth defects. As a man, you required around 400 mcg of folate every day. Of course, we are not suggesting that you pop in folic acid pills. But see if your vitamin supplement is giving the required quantities of folic acid. Plus changing to a diet that contains more green leafy vegetables, beans, folate induced cereals, bread is going to be helpful.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 4

baby-making sperm quit smokingKick the butt


If you want your sperm to be healthier and agiler then be ready to kick the butt. Cigarette smoking causes low sperm count and slow moving sperms. In fact, you should be quitting at least three months before you guys start to try and conceive. Reason being healthy sperm development takes nearly 3 months. Apart from normal cigarette smoking if you are into recreational drugs then those also have to go. These drugs create an environment that is not conducive to produce great quality sperm and often leads to miscarry in women.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 5

baby-making sperm beer bottleBye bye beer


Canning the beer is the best option but having small amounts is okay. If you are a heavy alcohol drinker then you need to understand that alcohol depletes Vitamin B from your body, this vitamin is essential for your body as they help in breaking down food into energy and energy in the reproductive cells is very much required.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 6

No undies


Yeah, going commando aids in producing quality sperms. How so? Well if you go back in time to your 6th standard where you learned about make reproductive organs. You would have learned why the balls are outside the body. You see testicles needs an optimum temperature which is much cooler than your body temperature to produce sperm. Now if we wear a tight underwear or brief 24 hours a day, then essentially we have got the testicles in contact with our body thus increasing their temperatures. This leads to lower quality sperm development. Of course, if you are not comfortable without an underwear then wearing boxers can be the best alternative.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 7

Eat those mushrooms


baby-making sperm Red Reishi mushroomsNot just any mushroom but Red Reishi or commonly known as Ling Zhi in Chinese has been known to have miraculous health benefits. So what is the benefits of Red Reishi mushroom


  • It is non-toxic so that means you can consume them daily without any side effects
  • When you take them regularly it helps your body organs regain their natural balance. Basically, it resets your body.
  • It helps in fine tuning your immune system
  • It helps in prevention of yeast growth in your colon thus easing sperm function.


So where do we get these mushrooms?


Well finding the mushrooms here in India can be though, so a better alternative is to have capsules that contain the herb. Before you start them do consult your doctor.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 8

baby-making sperm gym workoutThrow the stress away


Stress is not only bad for your body it is worse for your sperm. It can cause abnormal sperm function as well as quantity. To blow off steam, you can hit the gym so that you sweat it out and remove stress. Or just hang out with your friends in front of the TV doing nothing. Basically, any activity that you find relaxing and stress-free are the ones you should start doing. going out for the house every day to nearby nature or park is another good way to deal with stress.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 9

Staying away from chemicals and toxins


Lead, mercury and other toxic chemicals can harm the production of quality sperm. These chemicals should be handled wisely. If you work in an environment which can expose you to these chemicals regularly then do wear protective gear at all times.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 10

Eat more pomegranate

baby-making sperm pomegranate

Pomegranate is natural aromatase inhibitors, which essentially means that they can prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen hormone. Preventing this will ensure that your testosterone hormone is functioning at optimum levels and quality sperm production is happening. Having pomegranate is a much better choice than popping testosterone pills.


Better Baby-making Sperm #  11

Lower your caffeine content


Caffeine intake can happen not only through coffee but also from carbonated beverages like Colas, energy drinks etc. Make sure you stop these drinks immediately. Not only do they have high sugar content but also the caffeine is known to reduce the quality of sperm in men. If you cannot live without coffee then at least start to leave other caffeine drinks.


Better Baby-making Sperm # 12

See a doctor


Having a regular health checkup is really important. Not to find faults in your body but for course correction. Especially when you and your spouse are trying to conceive getting to know of any health challenges before you start is much better than knowing after several months of failed conceiving attempts. Make sure you see a fertility specialist doctor who will be better suited to advise you on your sexual health.


So make the above changes and see how well your sperms perform to conceive the baby. If you do not want to follow the above suggestions and still try, you may succeed but the question is how much does it cost you to change into good habits.


Comment below on your success stories, we would love to hear them.

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