Getting Pregnant: 12 Common Baby Conceiving Mistakes To Avoid

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Getting pregnant or rather trying to conceive a baby is not as easy as it may sound. This is at least the case for almost 30% of the urban population here in India. We make a lot of baby conceiving mistakes when we are trying to get pregnant.  We have compiled this list of 14 biggest and most common child conceiving mistakes


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 1

Baby Conceiving Mistakes No regards for your healthNo regards for your health


We have all heard the quote “Health is wealth”, well when you are trying to conceive then “Health is baby conceived”. You should not only take care of the health of your sperm, cervical mucus etc but your overall body needs to be in good shape, sound health, and stress-free. Regular exercise and good eating habits few months before you even start your journey of pregnancy is greatly advised. Have a look at our article 16 Shocking Foods That May Be Killing Your Fertility and change your diet accordingly.


It would also be better to get a general health checkup done for both you and your spouse. It is better to know about any hidden illness now then when getting pregnant or already pregnant.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 2

conceiving Not having regular sexNot having regular sex, saving the best for the last


This line of thought will never work. Keep postponing having sex to the days when you think you are ovulating and you can postpone being pregnant. The notion that regular sex will deteriorate the condition of the sperm is total boohaa. In fact, when you are having regular sex your sperms are healthy and more mobile because your testes will constantly manufacture them. The concept is similar to a running car. If the car is kept in the garage for too long waiting for the special day to drive, it may not fire at all.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 3

Not seeing a fertility specialist soon enough

conceiving Not seeing a fertility specialist soon enough

We know in India it is a taboo to even think you are infertile but visiting a specialist before you guys start to conceive can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. A specialist can check and advise on irregular periods, or sperm mobility or other health issues that can affect your chances of getting pregnant. If you are above 35 then definitely you should see a specialist before starting the journey. There is no point in getting disappointed six months down the line when a small prevention could have got you pregnant.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 4

Going over to see a specialist too soon


Exactly opposite of what we discussed in the above point. If you have been trying for the past 2 months without seeing any results then there is no point rushing over to the specialist. Give yourself some more time. This is not a baking or cooking session that following the steps will get you the cake in 30 minutes. You are making a human being and that process can take several days. Do not panic and rush to the doctor, have some patience and keep the effort up. Remember no two couples are alike.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 5

Having sex on the day you are ovulating

conceiving Having sex on the day you are ovulating

Another common mistake a lot of couples make is to wait for the day you think you are ovulating and start having sex. You see no matter how hard and well you are tracking, the day you ovulate, the egg will last only for 24 hours. Why give the sperm low chances of fertilizing an egg when it can try for 3 to 5 days. Yes, a sperm can survive inside the fallopian tube for 3 – 5 days. So if you have sex regularly and not wait for the D-day you are giving the little boys a lot of chance to clean bowl the egg.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 6

Miscalculating Ovulation

conceiving Miscalculating Ovulation

If you think you have it all figured out about the ovulation cycle. Then you are pretty mistaken. The normal text book rule is that ovulation starts after 14 days from the day of the first period. But how do we know when the first day of the period is. We know when we start menstruating but inside the body, the timer would have started earlier. Further, since cycle days vary, ovulation may not occur on the same day every month. Instead of guessing you can use an ovulation predictor kit for more accurate results but those are also not 100% accurate. Checking vaginal discharge which looks like egg-white like can be tricky as well. This kind of discharge starts few days before ovulation and are not same as normally what is discharged.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 7

Thinking men are not a problem

conceiving Thinking men are not a problem

Yes, it is a fact that 50% of the time not being able to conceive is as a result of some health issue with the woman. But then 40% is contributed by men as well which is more often overlooked. For men the quality as well as the quantity of sperm matters a lot. The quality would usually mean how mobile the sperm is because it needs to swim through the female reproductive organs to fertilize the egg. Low mobility of sperm is the major cause of problems in men not being able to get his women pregnant. So it is not always the women to be checked but men should also get themselves a fertility check in order to make any corrections required.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 8

Having sex in the same position


It is well known that missionary position is the best position to conceive a baby. Wrong! Missionary position helps as it is the easiest and natural position but other sex positions also can be tried when conceiving a baby. The sperms require hardly few seconds to get inside the female reproductive organs so it really does not matter how well you are comfortable in a position. Positions can help you have fun. and it is necessary to have fun during this time otherwise making baby will become a job.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 9

Baby Conceiving Mistakes Taking supplemental vitamins to help conceiveTaking supplemental vitamins to help conceive


Sorry to burst your bubble but taking supplements to help in conception is another boohaa. Vitamin supplements are good for the lady especially folic acid as it helps with the baby’s nervous system development. But popping few pills to increase your chances of conceiving is totally wrong. There is no harm in the worse case it will only help your body get rid of toxins that may inhibit fertility.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes -10

Having sex more often than necessary

conceiving Having sex more often than necessary

Of course, there is nothing like too much sex when it is for fun. But having more than once a day just to increase your chances of getting pregnant will lead to burnout. After all, you need to give your body some rest. The testes need time to produce sperm. Although have regular sex will not decrease your sperm count or your ability to make a baby. But if you are having more sex just because you are trying to get pregnant then over time it will become a baby making chore. At that point when the actual baby making window appears you guys will be too burnt out to do anything. So there should be moderation in your sex routine. We say around 3-4 times a week is pretty good in terms of pure numbers.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 11

Using some lubricant to help

conceiving Using some lubricant to help

Ladies deliver a characteristic lubricant, or cervical liquid, that gives the ideal transportation framework to sperm. At the point when a lady approaches ovulation her cervical liquid winds up noticeably slippery and stretchy which sustains sperm and encourages health so it can go to the lady’s egg. Not every person realizes that most lubricants are not sperm friendly and can lessen your odds of getting pregnant.  Sex lubricants, on the other hand, might be antagonistic to sperm. Since lubricants are not intended to transport sperm, they may really thwart sperm and back them off, shielding them from having the capacity to achieve their goal, the lady’s egg. There are a few lubricants available that are sperm cordial but that will be clearly labeled.


Baby Conceiving Mistakes – 12

Long wait to try

conceiving Long wait to try

So you have decided to change your eating habit, exercise, become more fit and healthy, have a fertility test, get a proper house, buy a car and then get set on your journey to try and conceive a baby. Well, all wrong if you have decided to have a baby then please go ahead and get started. Along the way, you can change your health, house, car, and habits. Also if you are approaching mid-30’s then you should wait no more because the biological clock does not stop for anyone.


So go ahead now, don’t keep reading this blog. You may have read enough already. Time to implement what has been read. If you have any more good tips for other readers who are trying to conceiving please share in the comments.

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