50 Powerful Positive Things You Should Say To Your Child

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Powerful positive things to say is as rare as the Unicorn. In a world full of hatred, stress, tension, and intolerance it is very rare that positive things are spoken. Especially when around a kid it becomes even more important to practice such a habit.


A kids brain is like a sponge which absorbs everything that is said or spoken around them. It does not know right or wrong so its brain simply records everything it hears. In fact, right from the time, it is born the first word it hears is “No”.


No, don’t cry baby

No, don’t touch that.

No, don’t go too fast you may fall

No, you cannot do this task








So it becomes really important that we as responsible parents practice positivity all around. Starting with using powerful positive things to say to your child. Here we are listing you around 50 of such sentences that can really turn the entire environment into a storm of positivity. Use them wisely and wherever possible to give your child the support they require to tide through tough times.


Here are 50 powerful positive things to say


  1. I / We love you


  1. You are valuable


  1. Good girl


  1. Good boy


  1. You make me proud


  1. I love being your father/mother


  1. I am listening


  1. You can do it


  1. It is good to aim for perfection


  1. I can understand


  1. I know how you feel


  1. We can always learn


  1. You are beautiful outside and inside


  1. I adore you


  1. I appreciate you


  1. You are looking good


  1. We are grateful that you were born


  1. We all make mistakes


  1. We can learn from our failures


  1. I know what you want


  1. I trust you


  1. That’s a wonderful question


  1. Can you think of other ways


  1. You are making a difference


  1. You are fun


  1. Your laugh is so cute


  1. Thanks


  1. Good morning


  1. Good night


  1. That is a very good point


  1. Fair enough


  1. Everyone will not like you but that’s Okay


  1. You were really brave


  1. You did a good job


  1. I am glad you are here


  1. It is nice to learn new things every day




  1. I like your positivity


  1. You need to be curious


  1. What you did there was awesome


  1. I love your paintings


  1. You have so much color sense


  1. You’re very intelligent


  1. You are a quick learner


  1. You are very thoughtful


  1. You are very helpful


  1. You were right


  1. It is amazing how you remember things


  1. You are very sweet


  1. You are very caring


  1. Your opinions matter to us


And there you have it. A big list of 50 powerful positive things to say to your child. You may not be using the exact same words but the meaning should be clear. No child liked ambiguous and difficult sentences so based on how old your kid is, you can experiment as you please.


I am sure you have some more things which are not there in the above list, do share with us in the comments below.

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