20+ New Dad Tips To Manage Newborn During First 6 Weeks

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Becoming a new Dad can be an exhilarating experience for any man. I mean one day you yourself are a child and the next day you have a child. It is overwhelming for a lot of new dads including me. I just did not know what to do after the baby was born.


  • Yes, I read a lot of books, check out these 10 books to read before you become a dad.
  • I had all the apps on my phone.
  • I was also trained well by my wife’s doctor and the pediatrician about the baby


But when the rubber hits the road everything flies out of the window. Your mind just goes blank. Your wife’s busy nursing and feeding the baby. There are people coming and paying you a visit. I know it’s a complete chaos and a mess. Fear not, this blog is just for you my friend.


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New Dad General Baby Care

These are generic tips for taking care of the baby


#1 Making the baby sleep


Your wife may be quite tired from all the nursing and taking care of the baby. So take some turn to make the baby sleep. Keep it in your arms and gently swing the baby to make it sleep. Even better is to use the cradle to make it sleep by rocking it. This is much better because keeping the baby in your arms will get it into a bad habit later on.


#2 Changing diapers


This is one task new dad can easily take care of when at home. In fact, changing diapers for a new born within the first 6 weeks is the easiest of stuff you can take ownership of. Don’t worry the poop does not stink a lot.


#3 Baby bonding


New dad, you can bond with your baby. I use to take my little one out in the sun every during my paternal leaves. Pick the baby when you are not wearing a t-shirt and hold it close. Babies love skin-to-skin bonding as it loves body warmth. So even if its mom does, you my new dad should not be far behind. Plus it helps you get closer to your own child and helps in the future.


20+-New-Dad-Tips-To-Manage-Newborn-During-First-6-Weeks-baby bath#4 Try and give the baby a bath


During the first 6 weeks, the baby generally does not needs to be given a bath every day. So when it does need to be bathed just take the opportunity to give it a quick bath. However, do learn the technique for the hospital nurses first. I tried it the first and it became quite difficult to hold the baby. So ultimately I used a small raised plastic stool to place the baby and give it quick splashes. You can also give it sponge bath.


#5 Post bath pampering and dressing up


You can leave the messaging part to the professionals. But you can certainly give a hand when powdering and dressing up the baby. It is not so difficult but you do need to take care of the neck when putting on a dress.


#6 Take charge of car seat and carry case


When you go outside the house with the baby after a month or so. Be in charge and carry the baby case or the car seat if you are using one.


#7 Packing of baby essentials


New dad can also take care of the packing of the diaper bag with the essentials. We always used to forget one thing or the other when both my wife and I used to try and pack thinking either one of us would have put in the bag. So after a while, I took the responsibility of packing the diaper bag when going outside. It helped as I used to remember what items are inside the bag.


#8 Replenishing baby essential supplies


This is perhaps the most important point a new dad can take care. By the 3rd of the first 10 days, you will be pretty much aware of how many diapers, wipes, clothing etc may be required by the baby. So it should be your responsibility to replenish those items before they ran out. When we were at this stage thankfully there were a lot of offers running online or offline. So it was easy to find good deals on diapers and wipes. Since our baby was using infant feeds I had to take stock of the Nan Pro instant milk as well. I used the Amazon Prime effectively, you can try their trial for 30 days. It is super easy and fast without any delivery charges.


Nursing & Feeding for New Dad

These are the things a new dad can help when it comes to feeding


#9 Picking up and putting the baby down before and after feed


If you take care of this then your wife will be the happiest. Any ways she is tired and a baby sucking at her for hours can be playing in her mind. So if she gets help in putting the baby on her lap, mentally she will be more relaxed.


#10 Burping the baby


Before a feed and after a baby needs to be burped. There is a technique on how you can do it. Check out our article on the 5 quick steps to burp an infant. Once you learn this technique from the hospital, you will be able to help with the burp exercise. My daughter Anika used to have burping issues, she needed to be patted or rubbed for quite some time before she burped. So I took the responsibility of holding her almost upright and burping her after a feed. That would give time to my wife to relax and be ready in case Anika wanted to be with her.


#11 Provide blankets to baby and mom


In India, during the winters it becomes necessary to use blankets when feeding. Even otherwise using a bed sheet to cover feeding is a good idea when in a big joint family. Keep both mom and baby comfortable since feeding can last for a long time.


#12 Give water or anything else your wife needs


Be around your wife when she is feeding as much as possible. You can give water or anything else she requires during the feeding. New mom certainly requires lots of hydration since milk is being sucked out every few hours a day.


#13 Cleaning of feeding bottles


If you are one whose baby uses a bottle to feed then cleaning these feeding bottles is necessary. Not only clean but also sterilizing them to prevent bacteria formation is utmost importance. You can certainly take up this responsibility.


#14 Cleaning of pumping supplies


If your wife starts using pumps to take milk and store them for the baby. Then cleaning these pieces of equipment in between pumping session is important. You can have two sets and clean them alternatively.


#15 Labeling and refrigerating it the milk


Being the man of the house labeling and storing the milk can be taken up by you. Labeling is important since the bottles will look similar and you need to know when each set of milk was pumped with date and time.


#16 Feed the baby with bottle


If your baby is already feeding through a bottle or even if breastfeeding is going well. You can give your wife some rest by giving the bottle to the baby. You just need to hold it in a comfortable manner and feed the bottle.


Support your wife

Take down these tips to support your wife, will go a long way in building relationship


#17 Compliment your wife


Make it a point to compliment your wife at every chance you get. She may be exhausted, plus recuperating from the delivery process. So when she hears some good words from you, she will be thrilled. Plus it helps to enhance your relationship further.


#18 Pamper your wife


Give some shoulder rubs or foot massages. It will relax her and goes a long way in helping her recuperate faster from the child birth. This act will also help take her mind of the baby and focus on you. Afterall you are married to her in the first place and do love her.


#19 Take hold of her and tell her to eat and drink


Give her fruit juices, healthy snacks, and food. She requires as much healthy food now as she was taking during the pregnancy. This will need to be continued for as long as breastfeeding is happening. All nutrition that your wife creates in her body will be passed onto the baby through the milk. You also need to take care that she feeds herself regularly. Drinking water is of utmost importance because hydrating the body will help in producing milk.


#20 Manage her mobile phone


Your wife hardly has time to check her mobiles, so it will be your duty to manage her phone for the first few weeks. She may get some important calls which should not be missed so you can take care of that.


#21 Be the appointment manager


Appointment manager is a very formal way to put it. But essentially you need to become the gatekeeper for your wife and child. What with numerous family, friends, acquaintances visiting the hospital or your home. You need to ensure mom and baby are well rested and people are kept informed when they can visit. It is absolutely not rude to tell people that both mother and child are sleeping when they come visit. I did that a lot of times and well wishers will not mind.


20+-New-Dad-Tips-To-Manage-Newborn-During-First-6-Weeks-baby bath-photographing-memory

#22 Take pictures of your wife and baby


Pictures are an important source of memory. So just remember to take snaps every now and then. Later on when you will have some free time you can go over them with your wife. When you baby becomes big enough to understand pictures, show it to him or her and have a laugh.


There you go, new dad, some 20+ points that you can remember to perform when your time comes. Also, when you and your wife have some free time do make sure to spend it with each other. Good relation with your spouse is a big step towards raising a happy kid.


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