Child Behavior Problems, 10 Things To Avoid From Becoming A Bad Parent

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Child behavior problems do not arise out of the blue. They stem rather from the way the parents act in front of their child to various scenarios. This is probably the best example of the phrase


What Monkey See Monkey Do


So today we are going to open your eyes and show you in reality what each of your everyday reaction actually does to a child behavior problems. Because it is not always that the issue is with the little one. After all, the little one will do with its own survival in mind. Most of the times these actions do not go down well with parents. Instead of acting as bad parents, try to see your child’s side of the fence as well.


Child Behavior Problems # 1

Your child is lying or beginning to say false things


Child-Behavior-Problems-1---Your-child-is-lyingIf the above is happening or has already happened numerous times then as parents we need to understand that some point in the past we may have overreacted to a situation. Of course, we will not be doing so intentionally but even unknowingly done a child’s brain keeps a tab on it. When we overreact to any situation involving our kid, it shows to them that making mistakes is not tolerated. This is determinantal because by making mistakes a child can learn.


As an alternate to overreaction, try to see the child’s point of view as well. Do not blame squarely on the kid, listen to him or her and be fair. Doing so will ensure that the child remembers that though making serious mistakes will not be entertained, making them is not the end of the world.


Child Behavior Problems # 2

Is your child having poor self-esteem


Child-Behavior-Problems-2-low-self-esteemKids who do not stand for themselves or try to run away from a sticky situation more often have poor self-esteem. The reason for having a poor self-esteem is the problem of always getting advice. Do you as a parent always try to guide your kid, make decisions for them on tasks, do not encourage them? If you have been doing these bad parenting things them please stop them immediately.


The self-esteem of a child is the only weapon it has to fight real world situations. Do not ever make decisions for them. Rather help them decide by giving them probable choices. E.g. when my daughter Anika does not want to ask for the swing in the park. I tell her that if she wants to swing then that person needs to come out, in order for that to happen she needs to ask. Does she want to swing or not? More often than not she ends up asking for the other kid to move.


In the same scenario if I would have decided for her that since it is full let’s go play somewhere, her self-esteem would have taken a small beating. It would have told her not to ask for things in her life but choose alternates.


Child Behavior Problems # 3

Is your child not standing up for themselves in public?


Child-Behavior-Problems-3-Is-your-child-not-standing-up-for-themselves-in-publicIf the answer is yes, then the blame surely lies in the way you have been trying to discipline them. Telling, “No” for just about everything, not letting the child do their things, always being angry and scolding for even the smallest mistakes. Well if you have been doing all these then I am sorry but you are raising a weak person. This child when they grow up will be so meek that the world will run over them.


A kid needs to know how to stand up for themselves in real world situations. In the park, if some other kid takes away the ball that your kid wanted to play with in the first place. Then you need to encourage them to stand up and stop the other kid from taking the ball. Of course, do not teach them to fight but teach them how they can be polite yet firm in getting what they wanted.


Child Behavior Problems # 4

Does your child appear to be a coward?


Well if you have been helping them by removing every difficult situation from their life then they will grow up being dependant on that service. They will grow scared and feeble because they know you are always there to protect them and help them. My advice is to give them the choice of coming up with their own solution. Of course, you will need to be prudent about the scenario where you can afford the luxury of the child deciding. But give them the power to decide.


Child Behavior Problems # 5

A child that is always jealous


Have you been comparing your kid’s performance at school or other activities with some other kids? Well if you are then that is the reason they are always jealous. The child thinks that mom and dad are always comparing them with someone else and passing judgments. They are no good in front of others and other kids are superior to them. That is the reason for them developing jealous ness towards others. Stop the comparison every kid is unique, they are what they are right now.


Child Behavior Problems #6

Your child is easily getting angry


The only reason for this behavior problem is getting recognized for the wrong reasons. Imagine your child is painting is doing a wonderful work but suddenly they spill the water color. If you get up and scold them for spilling the color, rather than giving praises for the wonderful drawing, then you are recognizing them for the wrong reasons.


Now I am not saying you should not discipline them for spilling the color. But tell them in soft yet firm words of what is expected from them when they are painting. But at the same time be mindful of what they have drawn and praise them. Doing so will help their brains register the thought that mom and dad are not here to only scold but praise as well.


Child Behavior Problems #7

A child does not respect other people


Child-Behavior-Problems-A-child-does-not-respect-other-peopleThis one is classic what goes around comes around. When your child is wanting to voice their opinion on a family matter. You end up belittling them and asking them to be quiet. This only grows the feeling inside them other people feel are not so important. If your kid wants to speak to you when you are doing some work. Please stop what you are doing and pay attention to them for 1 mins. One minute is all that they are asking. Once they finish their thoughts they will realize that their Dad does listen to them. Their Dad is respectful of their feelings, hence, in turn, your kid will begin to respect others.


Child Behavior Problems #8

A secretive child that does not discuss much


If your kid hardly discusses anything with you then it is clearly understood that they are being secretive. They do not want to share anything with you. Now, why do you think this happens? The simple reason is that even the smallest of mistakes from the child is blown out of proportion. So they are always mindful of the fact that no matter what they want to discuss it will all be blown up very big.


Child Behavior Problems #9

Child-Behavior-Problems-Rude-behaviorYour kid is rude to almost everyone


Does your kid take things from other kids, is generally pretty rude to others. Well, t has exactly copied from either you or anyone else in the house. If you more often than not behave temperamentally then the kid will always think it is cool for them also to act in such a manner


Child Behavior Problems #10

A disturbing child who always interferes


The reason such disturbances happen is that your kid is seeking your physical affection. You are basically not affectionate enough for them and hence, they are constantly on the look out for some love. A side problem of this behavior is attention grabbing. Again this stems from the fact that the child is always being shooed away. They also need to have your attention once in a while and if not given then they will try to seek it out at any time.


That’s it then, these are the 10 behavior problems of the child and how they are manifested because of things that we as bad parents do. I am not saying that you do not do good stuff but sometimes the bad always outweighs the good. Hope you all liked this blog post, if you have any other experiences we can learn from then please do comment below.

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