Your Baby’s First Poop – Learn How To Clean In 5 Easy Steps

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Your baby’s first poop or also scientifically called Meconium is not so much as a regular pop but more of amniotic fluids. You see your baby was ingesting all the nutrients in the womb for nine whole months. It was floating in a pool of intestinal cells, mucus, bile, water, and amniotic fluids. Naturally, most of it would have been ingested by the growing baby. So the first time it poops after coming out will be the shade of bottle green blackish rather than brown that we adults are used to. Yes, there might be some smell but that’s okay it will not be hideous like normal poop. Besides, it is a tiny little thing which you cannot really see as dirty.


So today we are going to look at three quick steps that you can employ to clean up the green matter. Being a dad I actually wanted to be the one to clean up the first time. I don’t know why but there was always the excitement of doing something for the baby. Of course, I could not feed it so the next best things other than making to sleep is to help it clean. So all you dads or going to be dads, do not be shy on cleaning the poop, it is fun and you can surprise your mother-in-law.


Cleaning Baby’s First Poop – Step 1

Unwrap the baby near the bump, if you are in a hospital there would already be a diaper. Or if you have delivered at a nursing care or home then there would be homemade cotton diapers. Either way, there will be two ends on the sides that will be holding the diaper. Just peel that off and slowly open the front of the diaper.


Removing soiled diaper – Step 2

Gently hold the baby’s legs and lift them up to a height that will enable you to slide the soiled diaper from underneath its bum. Be careful to not lift more than required as the baby may feel pain or cry louder thinking it’s unbalanced.


Wiping – Step 3

Take some wet wipes or a smooth cotton cloth soaked in antiseptic solution recommended by the hospital. Use this cloth to gently wipe the bum to remove all the amniotic green matter. Ensure that your wiping is unidirectional otherwise you will simply be shifting the poop instead of taking it out. The reason being, this fluid will be quite sticky. No need to wash or put any powder right now as it is just born. Its skin has not accustomed to our environment as yet.


Putting new diaper – Step 4

Now again lift the baby carefully and slide in the new diaper. Ensure that the upper portion of the bum is neatly aligned to the diaper. Since the baby weight may not exceed 3 kgs too much force is not required when lifting. If you are not comfortable in this manner then you can roll the baby to one side at a time to place the diaper.


Securing diaper – Step 5

Now fold back the front end of the diaper over the baby, wrapping the sides over the front end. The sides usually have glue so it will hold the diaper. Then roll back the clothes and blanket to complete this task.


As you have read it is not a rocket since to clean your baby’s first poop. It is more of knowing what and how to do and being comfortable doing so. I had fun when I did for my kiddo. How has your experience been? I do hope you had a chance of cleaning the first mess. It is always better than the later ones.

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