Holding Your Newborn For the First Time In 5 Easy Steps

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Aren’t you dying to carry your newborn? But you are afraid you might break something? Well if your answers to both the question are yes then you are at the right article today. We are going to show you five easy steps of holding your newborn for the first or the 100th time.


First and foremost, take the fear out of your head. Fear of breaking something in the baby is half the battle lost. It is your baby and I can guarantee that you will one thousand times more careful than holding your smartphone. But the first can become quite intimidating what with your wife, mother or mother-in-law easily taking the baby and you ar left high and dry. Fear not read below, see the pictures and get ready to cuddle your baby.

A very very important step. I cannot stress enough on how important it is to wash your hands before trying to pick your child. Even if you do not wash at the very least you need to use sanitizer liquid. The reason being the immune system of the baby is still very weak as it is completely depended on its mother so external germs can go in real easy.


Step 1 – Holding your newborn headHolding-Your-Newborn-step-1-holding-the-head

Assuming the baby is sleeping in the cradle. The first step will be to slide your right palm under the head. The baby anyhow will be wrapped in clothes so you need not worry about scratching it. But do be careful of the fontanelles or the gaps in the skull structure. These are really soft hence, do not use fingers to hold the head at all. Your fingers can easily cause dents. So slide your right palm completely under the head so that the base of the head rests on your palm.


Step 2 -Hold the base of the back and hipHolding-Your-Newborn-step-2-holding-the-buttock

Next, you need to slide your left palm under the baby buttocks at an angle so that your fingers are giving support to the lower back almost reaching to the upper portion. Yes, you can have this grip because the size of the baby is really small. This hold will ensure that you get a solid grip on the baby so that there is no chance of a slip. Don’t worry again about breaking anything as the baby will in all likelihood wrapped in layers of clothes.


Step 3 – Scooping the baby upHolding-Your-Newborn-step-3-lifting-up-the-baby

Now that you have both your hands holding the baby, slowly straighten your knees and light the baby. Even if you don’t go to the gym you can easily complete this maneuver as the baby will at max be 4kgs in weight. All the time you need to bring the baby close to your chest and stomach.


Step 4 – Supporting the neckHolding-Your-Newborn-step-4-cradling-in-hand

Once the baby is near your chest, slightly bend backward and in one swift motion bring your left arm that was supporting the lower back onto the neck and part of the lower head. Your left arm will be in a position like it is broken and in plaster. This will allow your right arm to be free to create the bed.


Step 5 – Cradling the babyHolding-Your-Newborn-step-5-using-the-crook-of-the-arm

Now bend the right arm under the baby’s head in such a way that you can rest its head in the crook of your arm. Still supporting its neck with your left arm glide your right arm underneath your left one till the baby’s buttock. Now slide out your left arm to perfectly cradle the baby on your right arm with its head resting in the crook. That is it, you have successfully lifted your baby and are now cradling it.


The above steps might seem like it will take a long time but in reality, everything happens within a minute. The reason being each move is in sequence and you cannot break the sequence. I hope these steps make your life easier and less complicated. If you have other techniques do write in the comments section.


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  1. Shillpa says

    Woww its really amazing. Very helpful for dads

    1. Hirak Das says

      Yes true, this was exactly how I did with my baby for the first time.

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