Dads Post Delivery Role – What You Should Do In The First 24 Hours Of a Baby

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Congrats! Yes, you first deserve a pat on the back for bringing life to this world. Yeah, absolutely I mean it when I say you as the father of your child created this life. Of course, mommies did all the hard work but then it is you, Dad, who went through hell and back. You certainly deserve to savor this moment. After all, dads post delivery role is just as important as mommies.

Alrighty, now that we have that outta the way. Let’s get down to nuts and bolts of handling a newborn. This statement is especially true during the first 24 hours. Now, you may be thinking is it crucial to learn how to tackle a newborn? My answer will be a resounding, Yes. For the simple reason that first, you are confused, I mean what the heck just happened here.

Your whole world has changed in the instant you heard its first cry. There will be doctors zooming in and out, nurses dong this and that, the baby waking and sleeping, family and friends visiting, lastly your wife will want your attention, as she always does. In all this merely it can become quite chaotic, especially if this is your first kid. Let me break it down for you what you need and needn’t do during this time. Of course, these are just guidelines and no two situations are the same, but you will get the drift when you read along.

First item for Dads Post Delivery

First and foremost, make sure you are there in the labor room when your wife is about to give birth. No, it is not to make you realize how much pain she is going through. You cannot even imagine if you tried. It is to be with the love of your life when you guys are inventing a living organism and bringing it to earth. When that head buts out of the vaginal tract, you can be the one to cut the umbilical cord. Cutting that cord gives you an intangible bond that can only be understood telepathically. Because when the cord is cut is when Dad’s your duty start to feed, cloth, and look after your child. When you are there in the moment it prepares you for the next 24 hours.

Once the child is out of the labor room, it is generally taken for general care and observation for a couple of hours. That is when you as dads post delivery can play an important role in calming your better half. Her adrenaline would be peaking and she does need a calming influence. Take this moment to hold her hands and just imagine how beautiful the next part of both your life’s going to be. You might also want to take this opportunity to come back to your room and settle down. At this time doctors might give some medicines to your wife which will just make her sleep. As a dad, it is necessary to keep her rested before the baby comes back.

dads post delivery informing family and friends about newborn

Informing friends and family

Now don’t forget to inform your immediate friends and family. Don’t be shy and WhatsApp them but pick up the phone and call them up. It is not always that you are giving birth. If it is your first kid then do make noise and let everyone know. If you are a social media nut then I am sure an FB post would already have been done before the baby was delivered. Do keep your FB fans updated with post delivery.

By the time you are done updating your friends you might be required by the hospital to fill outpost delivery letters. Nothing to be worried about, it is just that some hospitals hire non-resident doctors to complete the labor and they are required to be attested by the guardian before releasing the payment. Oh, and someone from the administrative department might ask you to put down details such as your name, wife’s name, child’s name (if you have one at that moment) for the birth certificate. If your hospital does not get the municipality approved certificate then do not forget to get one done within a week of the birth. Birth certificates will actually help you in the future when you are applying for a passport for the baby or an insurance etc.

If you are one of the million who had to rush to the hospital because the water broke. Then you are also one of the million who needs to inform your boss about your paternal leave. You see 9 out of 10 times the baby does not come at the designated date. You may have given your boss a ballpark number but he does need to know that you are not in office the next day. Some companies these days offer almost 15 days of paternal leave so be sure to check that out or read our article here 10 Items That You Need to Check With Your HR Before Having Babies.

I am sure by the time you are done with the above chores your wife would be fast asleep, if it’s night, early morning then you too should get some rest. It does not matter if you have worked on the night shift of a call center all your life, does not help at all. Your kiddo is going to kick your ass when it comes to sleep. However, if you are one of the few who had their babies during the day then rush out for a few minutes to get some sweets. I am sure in a few hours you will start getting visitors. In India, if you do not offer sweets then it certainly leaves a bad taste in most people’s mouth. I am sure you do not want comments behind your back.

dads post delivery newborn baby sleeping

After 2-3 hours the baby will be there in the room. Be there with your wife to touch it and feel it after all it’s the first time. It is also time for a feeding so let its mother take it and feed it breast milk. I am sure numerous classes taken to prepare for this day will come in handy. Be sure to give her some privacy when she is giving milk. It is her first time as well and you don’t want your wife to be conscious about what she is doing. Trust me if your wife starts to feel odd about the feeding process then your baby will stay hungry or worst still get into bottle feeding. So like I said the first feed is really important and both mother and child needs to be made comfortable. You are on the job dude, be in control.

Once the baby is feed, go ahead and pick it up. Yes, you need to hold it in your arms. If you do not know how to hold a newborn then check out our article Holding Your Newborn For the First Time In 5 Easy Steps. Take it close to your face feel it, I cannot emphasize how great a feeling it is. While you are holding it or before that the baby might start to cry for an unknown reason. It is certainly not unknown. The poop is out for the first time. Yes, the baby has soiled and is uncomfortable. There might be folks around you like your parents or in-laws if you are in India. But you as dads post delivery care person need to insist that you will change. Don’t worry there will be a nurse even if she is not there just follow the simple steps in our article Your Baby’s First Poop – Learn How To Clean In 3 Quick Steps. Now don’t whip that smartphone out and search for our article, we expect you to have read it before this moment. The poop in itself will not be smelly because for god’s sake it has not had anything other than nutrients from the umbilical cord. I can bet you 1000 bucks the color will be bottle green. Just dig in and clean it up.

So you cleaned up your baby for the first time. Way to go, dad!. Time to sit down and have some coffee, if it’s lunch time have your food you will need it. Your wife will be taken care pretty well to the hospital but you will have to fend for yourself. Oh! And don’t forget to keep sipping some water, it can become pretty dehydrating all the adrenaline rush that these few hours will cause. Before we wind up I would only like to say, you are the best dad for your child so go ahead and be one.

Let me know how has been your experience like I said before no two situations are alike. So it will be wonderful to read some of your moments from the first 24 hours.

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